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Any political or religious content/views are not to be discussed on discord or in guild chat. These types of discussions can easily become heated and cause an uncomfortable atmosphere.
We do not allow the use of BiS lists. Many of the so called BiS items etc are based purely on the individual items stats and ignore the overall stats/benefits of set bonuses etc. We prefer all our members to gear in a way that is best for their play style.

Treat each other with respect. Bulling , harassing is not acceptable . If any of these happens please contact any officer to report this behaviors . Friendly banter however is of course acceptable as long as respect is shown to each other.
Guild chat is to be kept in English, even if we are group of people from all over the world. If you feel the need to speak in your own native language, please use private chat.

Guild Ranks.

: Any other character you play besides your Main character.

Member: An approved member of the guild.
Members that wish to join raids when possible will be required to have basic enchants on their gear.

Officer: Member of the council that runs the guild. The following responsibilities are: Raid leading, dkp management, recruitment.

Officer (GM): Member of the council that runs the guild. If any issues can’t be resolved with an vote in the council, the GM vote counts as a double vote. This vote will only be used if it is a tied vote.

Main change / Main role change

Definition of Roles for raiding: Healer, Tank,Melee dps, and ranged dps

Please note any main switches/ main role changes will result in dkp being reset, and if you are raider and there is a spot for that position you will be demoted to raider trail
An exception to this rule can be made if the switch was asked by an officer to benefit the guild. You cannot switch main for 3 months.

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