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Our official raid nights are Wednesday and Saturday.
Invites start at (server time) 19:00, first pull at 19:30, ends at 22:00. There will be an option to prolong the Saturday raid if everyone agrees to do so. The option to prolong the raid will be presented if for example we are close to a new boss kill.

The following add-ons must be installed and updated before the raid starts:
and the rest is TBD.

Only main Characters are allowed into main/progress raids.
On off days we will organise raids for members that have not been on the main raids. These raids will also be open for alts. On member/alt raids loot will be distributed accordingly with members over alts priority.
Raid signups will be posted on discord a few days before the raid - channel ‘SIGN UP HERE’. Find the appropriate raid.
Signup options:
Yes, I will attend: click the appropriate role. Your name appears in the roster.
Late: You wish to raid, but you will be late. (contact an officer or the RL)
Bench: You wish to raid but want others to be prioritized before you. If not, enough other raiders sign you will be expected to join the raid.
Tentative: You are not sure you can make it to the raid.
Absence: You will not be there.
All members are encouraged to sign with one of the above options so we can plan. This includes if you are unable to attend.
Signups close 24 hours before raid, and the raid team will be posted at least 12 hours before the raid.
Be ready for invite 30 minutes before raid starts. Inform the RL, an officer or write in raid chat (discord or in game) if you cannot make it in time.

Raid expectations according to class

: Spell Steal / Counter spell / Prepare water before raid and be ready to give it out to other caster classes. Buff 5 min before first pull.

Warlocks: Create a soul-well for everyone just before raid start and soulstone a healing priest/paladin/druid. Shamans do not require SS they have ankh.

Hunters: Always misdirect the tank and place it in your rotation so it is used it on Cool down. Place traps when requested to do so

: Battle shout up 99% of the time- dont waste GCD`s on Sunders. Demo Shout if called for. Pummel to interrupt above DPS. If a tank dies be prepared to stance dance, equip shield and take over.

- Buff 5min before first pull. Shadow priests - Vamp emb / Vamp touch up on bosses (keep a look at your Omen/threatmeter) Fade when needed.

- Buffs will be set by a designated paladin using PallyPower. Please buff what you have been assigned. Judgement of Wisdom on all bosses and on trash when asked to.

Druids - Buff 5 mins before first pull. Innervates should be prioritised to holy priest or yourself. Only use on a paladin/shaman healer if specifically asked to. Combat Ressurection is only to be used when called for by the raid leader and only the person asked to do so will do it

Rogues: You will never be asked to use Expose Armor (sunders will always be applied) If you are asked to use kick to interrup this takes prio over anything else in the fight.

Shamans : You will be given a set of totems to place for each boss fight. Resto shamans please say when you are going to place mana tide so other healers can try to get within range. Low rank earthshock if you are asked to interrupt.

Always remember that killing bosses is a group effort, individual dps means nothing if we wipe due to tactics not being followed.

Picking the Raid Team
The Raid leaders decides the raid composition with the help of officers. A list of attendance is kept ensuring Raiders and members are rotated fairly.
The Raid leaders have the final say on who comes, based on necessary classes, specs, and performance.

Benched characters will only be eligible for DKP if they are placed outside the instance, fully prepared with consumables etc.. Whilst benched a player must be contactable either in-game or on discord. You can log to an alt, but you must be available at a moment's notice.Not meeting these criteria will remove (at least part of) the standby dkp for benched players (see DKP & loot distribution). Example: Not being parked outside when called in on fourth boss removes start bonus and previous boss rewards.

No member is guaranteed a spot in a raid and with more wanting a spot than positions that are available, there will inevitably be disappointment for some. Please be assured that we are trying our hardest to please as many as we can and will endeavor to be as fair as possible.
Remember raids are a more difficult part of the game and every member needs to contribute to the raid and not come along just for the ride.

Structure for raids:

Raidleader: Will decide which overall tactics/strategies are going to be used and Is responsible making sure the raid runs smoothly, with as little downtown as possible.
Masterlooter: In charge of Loot and DKP distribution during raids:
Heal Leader: In charge of healing assignments in raids and healer specific tactics
Melee Leader: In charge of melee assignments in raids and melee specific tactics
Ranged leader: In charge of ranged assignments in raids and ranged specific tactics
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