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Starzhine / Jun 21, 2021

there will be coming some rules changes later this week taking us more towards the causual approach that we have been aiming for ; like removing DKP , DKP for mats, and raider and raider trial rank.there will also come changes to how loot is gonna...

Bushwakka / Jun 18, 2021

A wonderful morning and raid ! I would like to take this moment in time and Thank EVERYONE that attended last nights "trash farm + 2 bosses" run and full cleared the Raid ! As for loot And rules as it was a "spur" of the moment run i think it was ...

Starzhine / Apr 24, 2021

The guild rules are posted on the forum remember to read them all :) and if there is any comment feel free to use the discussion forum.Plz take the 3 polls that has been set up by Randallyon behalf of the officer groupStarzhine